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Investing in New Zealand is easy! We welcome your business and encourage you to invest in New Zealand. Come to NZ when you are ready. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and we are proud to call it home. Our enthusiasm for new opportunities doesn't stop at our frontiers, though. We're also one of the most open countries in the world for investment. We welcome your business and encourage you to invest in New Zealand.

Investing in New Zealand

Information on why you should consider investing in New Zealand : Invest In New Zealand

Information on how you can become a resident by investing : Residence by Investing 

Check out some of the main benefits of investing in New Zealand : Investing Benefits 

Check out the main legal requirements to invest in New Zealand : Legal Requirements

Information on the regulations of investing in New Zealand : Investing regulations

Check out the investor friendly tax options in New Zealand : Investment Tax

Information on some of the best investment options available in New Zealand : Investment Options

Why Should You Invest in New Zealand?

The New Zealand government has been hard at work to make investing in New Zealand easier and more attractive for international businesses. Let’s look at some of the advantages of investing here:

Business Opportunities are Good, Especially for Newcomers :

The NZ business sector is growing exponentially, and there is a lot of investment potential. The country has a stable economy, and the quality of life attracts people worldwide.

The country has several large corporates that are listed on the stock exchange. It also has several large industries, e.g., agriculture, forestry, and tourism, which provide opportunities for investors with specific interests.

With the right kind of research and guidance, you can set up a successful business here.

Running a Business in New Zealand is Easy :

New Zealand governments have made it a priority to simplify business rules and taxes. They’ve succeeded. According to the World Bank, we’re the world’s easiest country to do business in.

That means it’s easy to start or buy a company. It’s easy to hire staff — there are no quotas for foreign workers, and we don’t discriminate on the basis of age, disability, or race.

New Zealand’s Greatest Resource is its People :

Our people are innovative, they’re hard-working, they’re entrepreneurial, and they have a great attitude. It’s also easy to hire staff as there are no visa restrictions for workers from other countries.

Become a Resident by Investing in New Zealand

Invest in New Zealand, and we’ll invest in you. We’re not just talking about business opportunities; we’re talking about a whole new life for you and your family.

New Zealand is a great country filled with great people, food, and scenery. Even better, you may be able to move there and become a resident!

Investment migration has become an increasingly popular method of immigration, especially with the help of programs such as the New Zealand Residence by Investment program.

The New Zealand government wants foreign investment to add value to the country, so it has developed several criteria that must be met for an investor to qualify for permanent residence.

How to Become a New Zealand Resident by Investment

First, investors have to have business experience. The definition of “business experience” isn’t clear-cut; there isn’t a specific number of years they need to have worked in business or how much money they need to have made as an investor. Instead, it’s based on a case-by-case basis.

In general, however, this means investors need to come from a background of running their own business or a family business. Next, investors need to make an investment in New Zealand that will add value. This is usually done through buying government bonds or investing in the country’s economy in some other way.

New Zealand Entrepreneur Pathway to Residency

Minimum contribution :

You can invest in New Zealand government bonds or a business approved by Immigration New Zealand. The minimum contribution is $3 million.

Processing time :

It takes five to six months to get the Investor 1 resident visa.

Benefits of Investing in New Zealand

The benefits are numerous, and include:

      • A stable and peaceful environment in which to live and raise your family

      • A well-developed health care system that is available to citizens and permanent residents

      • Opportunities for education and career development at highly regarded institutions of learning

      • A highly diverse population that welcomes immigrants from all over the world

      • The option to participate in a wide range of sports year-round, due to its temperate climate, or enjoy the natural beauty of the country’s forests, mountains, lakes, and rivers

Legal Requirements for Investing in New Zealand
      • We try to make things as easy as possible for you while investing in New Zealand, but we also want to make sure that we’re always acting within the law!

      • You should be aware of two key regulators: the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) and the Financial Markets Conduct (FMC) rules.

      • The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is an independent Crown entity responsible for regulating financial markets. It’s also responsible for supervising banks, insurers, financial advisers, brokers, and managers of investment schemes.

      • The FMA is the regulator responsible for overseeing all New Zealand investment products and services, including making sure they are issued, managed, sold, and advertised correctly. To do this, they have created the Financial Markets Conduct (FMC) rules. These rules apply to everyone who offers or advertises any financial product in New Zealand.

Financial Markets Conduct (FMC) Regulations

The FMC Act ensures that you get the information you need before investing in New Zealand. The law lays out what information an issuer must provide to investors and how to present it. It also sets out a range of rights for investors, such as their right to seek damages against the company if it has misled them.

Some of its main features include:

      • Disclosure documents: Before making an offer to the public, a company must prepare and register a disclosure document. This document will contain information about the company’s business, finances, and risks, so investors can make informed decisions about whether they want to invest in it.

      • Investment statements: If people are invited to invest by completing an investment statement, key information about the investment offer has to be included in this statement for every investor.

      • Advertisement rules: The FMA can issue notices preventing or restricting certain advertisements from being published or broadcast if they are misleading, deceptive, or likely to confuse investors.

Investor friendly Tax Environment

If you choose to invest your money with us, you may be eligible for the overseas investment income exemption. This allows you to be exempt from New Zealand tax on your overseas investment and pensions for the first four years of living here. During this time, only your income sourced within New Zealand is liable for taxation.

To qualify, you must:

      • Be a foreign person aged 55 or older, or an interdependent couple where both of you are aged 55 or older and have lived in New Zealand for less than 183 days in the year before your application
      • Have been a non-resident of New Zealand for tax purposes for at least 240 days in the previous two years
      • Apply within 28 days of becoming a resident
      • Be able to provide evidence that you have received overseas investment income or pension payments in the last four years (the 12 months before the date of your first arrival in New Zealand) and that it was taxable in another country
      • Not have applied for this concession more than once.

Popular Investment Options in New Zealand

There are many different types of investment options available in New Zealand. The right option for you will depend on your personal preferences and risk tolerance. Let’s look at the most common investment choices available in New Zealand.

Shares and index funds : 

Of course, you can invest directly in shares or index funds. You may choose to invest in individual shares, or you may want to buy an index fund, a pool of money that invests in many different companies to spread risk better.

You can’t go wrong with well-established companies in New Zealand.

Property Investment :

Property can be a great investment if you have the money or borrowing power. It needs careful research, and it can take decades to see a return, but it can be a solid investment for life if done well.

Many people choose to repay their mortgage as quickly as possible to free up money for more investments until they pay off the home. Alternatively, if you have the space, you could rent out a room or another property on your land to earn extra income.

Bonds :

Bonds are essentially loans made by investors to companies or governments. They are seen as less risky than shares as there are usually guaranteed payments, and investors will usually get their money back at the end of the bond term.

Government bonds are among some of the safest investments you can make.

Crowdlending :

One of the newer investment options available in New Zealand is crowd-lending. With crowd-lending, you lend your money to a business (usually a small business), and they pay you interest on that money.

Crowdfunding :

Crowdfunding is similar to investing in the stock market, but it’s often for real estate or start-ups rather than big companies.

If you’ve invested in Kickstarter projects, you’ve experienced crowdfunding first-hand.

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